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Current legislation filed for 2019-2020 for Hemp, Marijuana or Cannabis

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Minnesota Marijuana Cannabis Flag

 Minnesota may become the eleventh state in the Union to legalization recreational marijuana for adult-use. 


Connecticut legislative link for Cannabis and Marijuana

  More than 40 House Democrats have introduced Connecticut’s first  marijuana legalization bill, laying out a plan for the state’s medical  marijuana dispensaries to begin selling the drug to all customers. 




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State Legislation In The News



ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Several Minnesota lawmakers launched an effort  Monday to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, hoping to  capitalize on recent successes the pro-cannabis movement has enjoyed  elsewhere in the country.

Sen. Melisa Franzen and Rep. Mike Freiberg, both  Democrats, anticipate major resistance to their push to set up a  regulatory framework for legal sales of the drug starting in 2022, but  they see an opening. Voters last November made Michigan the first  Midwestern state — and 10th overall — to legalize recreational  marijuana.


California May Cut Cannabis Taxes

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California’s much-hyped, year-old marijuana  industry fell woefully short of expectations in 2018 and industry  leaders blame their inability to compete with the state’s robust black  market, which doesn’t pay the taxes and navigate the red tape they do.

So on Monday, several cannabis-industry supporting  state lawmakers proposed to slash taxes as a way to jump start  California’s legal marijuana marketplace.